Digital Signup


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Registration Reimagined!

Digital Signup is a Microsoft cloud-based Registration, Payment and Scheduling software used by enterprises, hospitals, schools and various community education organizations. The PCI and HIPAA compliant solution has multiple modules to choose including Class Registration, Child Care/Preschool Registration, Facilities Management and more. Digital Signup has an integrated public facing site and admin site, and is accessible on various browsers and devices including phones, tablets and laptops. The Class Registration module also has online class capabilities for instructors to conduct virtual classes.

The solution is compliant with WCAG 2.0 and 508 (ADA compliance) with multilingual capabilities. From search to payment, Digital Signup engages your customer with an intuitive design giving them more than a great shopping experience. With abundant administrative features and end-to-end automation, Digital Signup transforms your business saving you time and money, allowing your staff to focus on what they need to

Additional information is available at and on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.