Sproket Intranet

โดย Sope Web Technologies

An intranet-in-a-box solution that delivers high-quality visual design and functionality

Sproket is a solution that delivers a high-quality visual and functional intranet-in-a-box that is easy to change and configure to meet your specific requirements. This innovative product packages up standard SharePoint functionality with additional features to support communications, collaboration and productivity across your business. All aspects of the design comply with Microsoft SharePoint development guidelines so configuration and editing is all standard SharePoint. CSS styling means that any additional web parts installed on the page will conform to the visual design of the rest of the page. All Sproket features are responsive on all mobile devices. Sproket has been validated as accessible to WCAG 2.0 Level AA. ** Easy to implement, easy to manage Many customers use Sproket because of the speed and simplicity of the Sproket implementation process: what can take months with some solutions, can be done in hours. This is because your teams need no technical or development skills to set up and run Sproket. Plus, the intuitive interface makes it easy for those who need to manage content and layout, with templates and pre-installed widgets to help you create a useful and usable intranet. ** Policy Hub Manage the publishing of policies, procedures, work instructions and guidelines within a robust governance model. Source documents are all held in one location and can only be accessed by those authorised to do so. The published content is only available to end users in HTML and PDF formats. ** Project Hub The Project Hub is a portal designed to help organisations manage projects and the implementation of collaboration sub sites. Dashboards provide a quick view of current sites, with links to supporting documentation. Once a site request form has been completed and approved, a workflow delivers a sub site, based on a template identified on the request form. **People Hub People Hub is an easy-to-navigate view of your organisational contacts. A full directory with search options lists all staff names, title, department, location, phone number and email address. It can also be configured to add any other additional fields specific to your business. You can then view the Org Chart for a fast and impressive visual representation of your organisation, showing the line managers and their direct reports.