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SP CRM for SharePoint / MS Teams that provides a sales solution that covers the entire sales cycle

SP CRM  is a simple yet full-featured sales solution built on SharePoint / MS Teams.  It provides a complete view of the sales pipeline and activities. SP CRM supports the entire life cycle from campaign tracking, lead capture, opportunity tracking and account management. Because it's built on Office 365 and SharePoint, SP CRM becomes a natural part of your sales team's daily activities; no need to sign in to another application.  

As part of the Office 365 Digital Workplace, your sales reps not only track opportunities, but also have access to all of the documents, information, and knowledge they need to close the deal. Sales staff like sales engineers, sales development personnel, and sales managers work as a team using the portal collaboration features.   Dashboards and reporting provide management with a complete view of the entire sales funnel.  Because it is built on Office 365 it is available anytime, anywhere on any device.