SP Policy Manager

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SP Policy Manager is a SharePoint app to streamline the policy management process and compliance.

Built on SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform, SP Policy Management is an easy to use out-of-the-box solution that provides a consistent way to manage policy development and drive compliance of policies from for HR, IT, Security, Safety, and more.

Key Features:
Create Policies in Office 365
Use Office 365 Word document features to develop policy documents, manage versions, collaboration and more.
Automate Reviews, Approvals
Automate document cycle stages of reviews, approvals and publishing in a role-based process and repository.
Policy Management
Manage and track policy expiration, renewal, and retention. Reminder notifications to policy owners. Policy calendar for upcoming renewals.
Publish Policies
Upon Approval, publish policies to the Policies Portal for access by employees with applied governance by group.
My Policies Portal
Provide a central point for employees to Search, browse and see latest policies. Also, view their acknowledgements.
Automate Policy Compliance
Request via email employee groups to acknowledge that they have read and understood policies. Schedule and Track Policy Acknowledgement by Group.
Built in Governance
Permissions for Policy authoring, and content management processes by department and role are built in. Employee access by Group.
Policy Dashboard
Report on policies status, employee compliance and upcoming renewals using the Policy Dashboard in Power BI.
Flexible to meet your needs
Support for ongoing policies to existing employees and new hires. Customizable approval processes and governance using Microsoft 365 Power Platform tools.

Natively Built on Microsoft 365
All SP Marketplace products are no-code solutions natively built on the Microsoft 365 Platform. Each module is built using SharePoint, Power Automate, Power BI and MS Teams. The benefits of this approach are:
- All documents, data and the product itself reside on your Office 365 Tenant, not a third-party cloud
- Sign-ons and governance is done through your existing Active Directory
- ​Higher user adoption rates because it is a natural part of your Office 365 environment.
- The product is 100% customizable by Power Business Users
- It evolves over time with the Microsoft 365 Platform to take advantage of new capabilities provided by Microsoft.