Steamlane Condition Monitoring

โดย Steamlane Oy

AI enhanced condition monitoring for rotating devices

Unexpected machine failures require fast and expensive maintenance.
Process down time is expensive.
Manual condition monitoring is expensive, occasional or neglected.
Our continuous condition monitoring service running on Azure enables proactive and preventive maintenance.
  1. Wireless IoT-sensors are easy to install (sensors developped by our partner).
  2. Vibration measurements, ingestion and analysis of data starts immediately in our cloud service on Azure platform.
  3. Our AI learns from data to automate analysis for the user.
  4. And guides maintenance experts to those machines whch require attention.


  • Service is designed for the people responsible for operation and maintenance of process equipment in e.g. factories, mills, water works and other operations including rotating devices such as pumps, motors, fans, blowers etc.
  • Service helps both experts and decision makers to improve their operation and business.
  • Sensors measure vibration in 3 directions and device (bearing) temperature.
  • Results are calculated and presented according to best practices and standards of vibration based condition monitoring.
  • Instead of route measurement routines you will get the results all the time anywhere.
  • AI provides pre-analysed results for users who are not experts in vibration analysis but also detailed analysis results for the experts.
  • Deployment of the service will start from installation of the sensors and provisioning of the condition monitoring SaaS service.
Our solution has been developed fully on Azure services
  • Solution supports Azure IoT services
  • AI algorithms are running on Azure
  • Application and data storages are built on Azure services
Contact us and we will provide 30 minutes on-line demonstration of the service via Teams meeting.