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3D point cloud classification made smart, fast and easy.

Pointly is an intelligent, cloud-based software solution to manage, classify and analyze big data in 3D point clouds. Innovative AI techniques enable enhanced manual classification and segmentation of data points and objects within point clouds – faster and more precise than ever before. We also offer Pointly services to automate classification and feature extraction from 3D point clouds. Visit our website or contact us to learn more.
The areas of application are huge. For various industries, the use of Pointly can generate extensive competitive advantages.

Pointly enables you:

  • to manage all your digital 3D assets in one place
  • to bring your digitalization strategy to success
  • to focus on what matters most. Don’t waste time and money on infrastructure and maintenance.
  • to build research on the latest state of the art in 3D object data recognition and processing
  • to turn data into information
  • Free Plan: Start with a free account and upload your own point cloud samples with up to 15 million points - completely for free!
  • Professional Plan: Upgrade to a professional account subscription to upload point clouds with up to 150 million points. Contact us for further information.