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Direct, simple, straightforward. Your mobile solution for construction, service or maintenance.

WorkHeld is a workforce management software developed to increase the productivity of construction, service and maintenance processes.
Through the digitalisation of the project process, from the assignment of work orders to the signature of the client, WorkHeld enables businesses to be a part of the industry 4.0. Project coordinators can easily allocate work orders and resources and technicians are immediately granted access to all needed information such as construction plans, stock lists, shipping documents and check lists. Easy work order planning, functions to record work and travel times, expense tracking, material - and defect management as well as an automated reporting are some of the key features of the software.
Built on the individual needs of all involved parties, WorkHeld offers advantages for every employee from coordinators and technicians to department heads and business managers. WorkHeld also is the first workforce management software to introduce an intelligent voice assistant.
With these features WorkHeld offers a holistic solution for the communication and organizational problems between the mobile work force and project coordinators.