TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange™ (IUX)

โดย Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

AI & ML for resilient , green mobility, emissions, energy, smart cities and sustainable operations

TCS IUX is an analytics software solution that has prebuilt AI and ML capabilities that turn cross-enterprise and real-time data into actions for public services such as city and government services, and for industries such as energy & resources, manufacturing and utilities. IUX's software modules are powered by a comprehensive city/enterprise data platform and target sustainability, demand supply, water conservation, green mobility and operation resilience. The solution increases the efficiency of operational services, systems, and physical assets through intelligent real-time, and multi-system data analytics.
IUX leverages Azure to enable analytics for smart cities and businesses through a portfolio of insight-based intelligent software modules. It leverages data from multiple domains across an organization's digital ecosystems and runs advanced analytics that drive emission and carbon tracking (Scope 1,2 & 3), climate action, green mobility, smart cities, energy optimization, water loss minimization, operational resilience and enterprise-wide command and control.
The product is designed as a modular, integrated solution that helps cities and businesses accelerate the implementation of intelligent, interactive and resilient initiatives easily and cost effectively. These benefits empower organizations to achieve greater levels of social, economic, and operational sustainability and efficiency. TCS IUX provides:
  • Prebuilt use cases for critical and business functions
  • Real-time command center dashboards for a single view of KPIs and key systems
  • Prebuilt industry specific AI models and analytics
  • Optimized recommendations for responding to events and incidents
  • Advanced analytics for insight-driven strategic and operational decision making
  • Flexible open-source components for fast, cost-effective deployments
The prebuilt modules use industry decision models and scenario simulation to deliver an intelligent, cross-system network that forms the basis for interactive, sustainable, and situationally aware public and business services support and delivery--all of which can be centrally monitored through a command and control center.
Based on AI and ML driven analytics, the TCS IUX platform leverages Azure as an infrastructure and provides a connected, optimized system which enables fast, cost effective deployments, quicker time to value, and sustainable operations with maximum ROI. IUX's prebuilt modules include:
  • Sustainability and climate action
  • Water conservation
  • Asset integrity management
  • Green mobility/commute
  • Enterprise resilience
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