Telia | Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams

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Telia integrates calling services in Microsoft Teams

Telia's offering is a concept that target the midsize and large customer segment that wants to integrate or replace their existing telephony solution with Microsoft Teams Phone System. It is based on Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile & Operator Connect.

Teams Telephony simplifies the customer’s communication where phone calls and collaboration are integrated in a common solution. It provides the flexibility to work seamlessly at the office, home or when traveling. Users can then easily make and receive external calls from their computers, mobile phones or any certified fixed telephones, switchboards, and contact center applications.

Operator Connect
Operator Connect is based on a shared infrastructure between Telia and Microsoft, where Telia automatically provision phone numbers and call settings natively in the customers Teams tenant. It offers the customer an easy journey to get started with no or limited technical skills needed for the customer the management in their Teams Admin Center.

The service also includes that the customer can contact Telia with support tickets for all issues about external call quality of the phone numbers in Teams. The offer includes a support agreement with Microsoft, which means that Telia will contact Microsoft and get back to the customer when the problem is solved.

Telia’s offering is based on three subscriptions:

  • Teams Phone Mobile (Mobile users)
    Teams Phone Mobile is an add on to Telia’s Mobile Subscriptions that integrates the user’s mobile number with Teams. It allows a seamless calling experience with one single number across devices and saving costs with only using one calling plan. The user can easily answer mobile calls in their laptop, move ongoing mobile calls between devices and the mobile line presence status and the call history is always synced with Teams.
    It provides a unique experience for the users, provided by Telia and Microsoft.
  • Fixed Phone Number Users
    Fixed Phone Numbers can be added to Teams for calling from computers, mobile apps or fixed telephones. It can be new numbers or ported numbers from another solution/operator. Telia supports all local area codes or non-geographical numbers.
  • Service Numbers for Teams Call Queues
    Service Numbers enables the customers to have Call Queues natively in Teams. Teams Call queues can have menu features (press 1,2,3 …) and distribution characteristics for available users/agents. Teams Call Queues is often the last step for the customer when replacing an old PBX system.
For more information about the offering and available countries, see webpage: Teams Operator Connect with Telia.

Expand the ecosystem
For customers with a more advanced need, Telia also offers Switchboard Console and more advanced call queue features. It is offered via the partner Competella that includes a Teams certified contact center application. The application is produced in Microsoft Azure is purchased and easily scaled by a subscription model.

Guided Pilot by Telia
The Guided Pilot offers the customer to try, test and evaluate the Telia Operator Connect for a better understanding before a decision to buy or a larger scaled deployment. Telia will dedicate experts during a 60 days trial period for the pilot, where Telia and the customer together configure, test, and evaluate it with up to 30 users. It can include any mix of Operator Connect, with users with fixed phone numbers, mobile subscriptions (Teams Phone Mobile) or Teams Call queues.

Telia & Microsoft
Telia has a long experience of delivering IT and telecom services and is a Microsoft Gold Partner in almost all competence areas and work closely with Microsoft in several product areas like Operator Connect and Teams Phone Mobile.