The Diary CarePro®

โดย The Diary Corporation

Care Management & Care Monitoring Enterprise Mobile Solution

The Diary is an enterprise mobile solution that enables the efficient and effective delivery of patient-centred care between office visits. Our platform enables the highest level of care with useful real-time data, all in one place. The software is built on Apple CareKit, HealthKit, ResearchKit, Microsoft SQL & .NET hosted on Azure. The platform supports multiple Use Cases including: 1/ Chronic Care Management – Support the timely delivery of fully coordinated care between office visits, 2/ Acute Care in the Home – Provide hospital care at a lower cost in the home environment, 3/ Senior & Disability Care – Support the delivery of every level of care to seniors in their homes and assisted living. Our enterprise solution, The Diary CarePro™, integrates with the patient-facing application, The Diary Health App, to become the first end-to-end digital care solution that empowers individuals on their care journey with easy-to-use technology that facilitates self-management and improved communication pathways.