Partner Center Assessment

โดย The Partner Masters

Receive a personalized roadmap and maximize your Microsoft partnership, programs and incentives.


Partnering with Microsoft is complex, achieving desired business results in your partnership with Microsoft requires executing on a sound strategy that includes teams across your business to collaborate and partner internally to achieve results that drive your Microsoft business forward. With over 40+ years of combined Microsoft experience, we discovered many partners struggle in their Microsoft partnership and can often be summarized to:

  • Achieving partner program milestones.
  • Creating compelling marketplace solutions.
  • Understanding how to engage with Microsoft Field Sellers.
  • Sharing and receiving referrals with Microsoft.
  • Understanding the different incentive programs available.
  • Associating to your customers the right way to maximize your incentives and to allow Microsoft to gain visibility to where you’re working.
  • Leveraging data to see where additional up-sell and cross-sell opportunities exist with existing customers.
  • Understanding how to build best-in-class technical solutions using the Microsoft platform that can drive profitability and customer value.

We can help turn your Microsoft partnership around and help you realize the opportunity that you have been leaving on the table.

By subscribing to our TPM Partner Center Assessment program, our goal is to provide you with a complete guide on how you can leverage new Microsoft programs and incentives, earn new Solution Designations and Specializations, showcase how you can leverage the data within Partner Center to drive customer growth, create new revenue streams, and empower you to Co-Sell with the Microsoft field teams at scale.

In the program we complete a thorough evaluation and assessment of your Partner Center environment. We review your environment to ensure that you are properly set up for success across every module of Partner Center:

  • Settings
  • Organization Profile
  • Benefits
  • Incentives/Programs
  • Insights
  • Marketplace
  • Membership
  • Payout/Taxes and Referrals

About Us: The Partner Masters specializes in delivering best-in-class advisory and consulting services to the Microsoft partner community.

IMPORTANT: Upon clicking Get It Now you will be redirected to your Azure Portal to complete the subscribe process. During this process you will be redirected to where you will confirm the subscription. Upon subscribing successfully, a member of our staff will confirm your enrollment and you will receive a welcome email within 24-48 hours with instructions for next steps.

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