TPM Managed Partner Program (Managed Service)

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Maximize your Microsoft partnership for maximum profitability.

*TPM only available only in English

Whether you are an Independent Software Vendor, a Systems Integrator, Managed Services Provider or advisory/consultancy, you can agree that partnering with Microsoft can be complex; achieving desired business results in your partnership with Microsoft requires executing on a sound strategy that includes teams across your business to collaborate and partner internally to achieve results that drive your Microsoft business forward.

With over 40+ years of combined Microsoft experience, we discovered many partners struggle in their Microsoft partnership and can often be summarized to:

  • Achieving milestones within the partner program.
  • Creating compelling marketplace solutions.
  • Understanding how to engage with the Microsoft Field Sellers.
  • Sharing and receiving referrals with Microsoft.
  • Understanding the different incentive programs available.
  • Associating to your customers the right way to maximize your incentives and to allow Microsoft to gain visibility to where you’re working.
  • Leveraging data to see where additional up-sell and cross-sell opportunities exist with existing customers.
  • Understanding how to build best-in-class technical solutions using the Microsoft platform that can drive profitability and customer value.

We can help turn your Microsoft partnership around and help you realize the opportunity that you have been leaving on the table.

As a TPM Managed Partner, you'll benefit from privileges that enhance your partnership experience and drive success. With efficient communication channels, TPM promptly addresses your specific needs, increasing your chances of positive outcomes. Access to the exclusive Microsoft Viva Engage Portal fosters collaboration with fellow partners, propelling mutual success. Stay informed on the latest Microsoft incentive programs, technical offerings and engage directly with executives in the valuable quarterly Microsoft Briefing Call for insights that contribute to your overall success as a Microsoft Partner.

With our program, you will receive live guidance with an action plan of improvements to grow your Microsoft practice or integration and increase ROI, along with building a roadmap for success in your Microsoft partnership.
Other benefits include:
  • TPM PPE: Access to a Partner Profitability Executive who will guide your team through your maximizing your partnership with Microsoft.
  • TPM Architect: Access to our team of Architects to help you with solution building, technical training, marketplace offer development and more.
  • Reporting: Custom reporting to understand upsell opportunities in your customer base, where to maximize incentives with Microsoft, and more!
  • Weekly Microsoft Mastery Seminar: Each week, we deliver a seminar for partners in the program to learn basic to advanced concepts to elevate your Microsoft partnership including guest speakers, new incentive programs, best practices in co-sell, etc.
  • Quarterly Microsoft Executive Briefing calls with TPM Executives: Each quarter TPM Executives will host a briefing call for our ecosystem to discuss changes that are happening within Microsoft, as well as insights to partner programs.
  • TPM University (On-Demand): As a member in the program, your team will have access to TPM University, and on-demand learning platform where you can consume training content related to accelerating your partnership with Microsoft from business to technical topics.
  • Monthly TPM Microsoft Communication: On a monthly basis TPM will send your team an exclusive Microsoft communication. This communication will contain insights pertaining to Microsoft partnerships and current benefits/incentives your team can leverage to maximize your Microsoft Partnership profitability.
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