Tietoevry Distributed Energy Solution

โดย Tietoevry

Energy management platform for aggregating and managing distributed assets

The Tietoevry Distributed Energy Solution (DES) is an energy management system built to enable sustainability business cases by offering tools for taking part in demand response markets, and reducing and optimizing energy consumption and storage.

The system provides a holistic view to different types of devices and systems by integrating into several different automation and IoT systems as needed. It helps optimize the resources and generate new revenue streams. End-customers will understand and contribute to the future of green energy by using services such as smart-home applications and electric vehicle charging.

Companies with either a large number of own assets or buildings, or a large customer base, are in position to benefit the most. A large customer base provides a chance to aggregate a large number of devices from consumer customers to profit in the demand response markets and enable new consumer services. A large number of buildings or own assets on the other hand can similarly enable large profit from the markets and cost savings from consumption optimization. Common, profitable devices to control include things such as energy storages/batteries, electric vehicle charging, HVAC systems, heating, cooling and other devices with large energy consumption.