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Optimised service requests management with TimeFleX

Service Requests

  • Support different locations with different caterers/service provider
  • Defined access to catering & services by user and location
  • Catering services notifications
  • Synchronization of meeting changes with Outlook/Exchange
  • Sort and display catering services by date (Dashboard)
  • Archive function
  • Printing of receipts and reports
  • Preparation of valid receipts for business expenses directly from the app

The Service Requests module brings convenience and structure toyour planning and allows you to integrate external service providers directly. Workflow and dashboard complete the system.

In addition to arranging meetings, the module allows you to communicate your needs quickly and easily tocatering, interior design or other services.

The Service Request Module digitizes the whole workflow for orderings and capture appointment changes automatically.

TimeFleX Solutions: the all-in-one solution for your company.

It was important to the TimeFleX Solutions Team to give companies the possibility to facilitate their daily work through intelligent software solutions. Our goal was to move away from isolated applications to a uniform modular system.

TimeFleX Solutions is the product of vision. You can dynamically adapt to the requirements of your company. Our modules can be freely combined - ONE installation for any number of locations.

Put an end to ambiguities and duplicated work in scheduling. We have a wide range of solutions within a single installation. This allows companies to be flexible to their own requirements and not have to commit at the outset.

Decide which software modules you need! If your requirements change, TimeFleX will adapt your package and add the modules you. Keep an overview.

TimeFleX Solutions: Another step toward the smart office

  • Group Calendar
  • Desk Sharing
  • Service Requests
  • Room Panel
  • MeetingFinder

Can also be used as an MS Outlook or MS Teams plug-in.

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