Skyline Sales Multiplier

โดย Tecknoworks Europe SRL

Actionable, real-time sales intelligence.

Skyline instantly adapts to market conditions, giving your team a complete and intuitive ecosystem of triggers, actions, and automations.

Today’s innovative companies know that their goldmine of transaction data is key to supercharged growth and competitive edge – the question is how to leverage it for increased sales.

Customer demographics and lifecycle, team KPIs, marketing campaigns, prospect lists, stock management, churn rates, and more…

How do you unify the data, analyze it, and act on it for maximum customer impact and results?

Skyline Sales Multiplier is a done-for-you solution that combines actionable, real-time sales intelligence with a fully-customized strategy for exponential growth.

Some benefits:

Build customer loyalty and reduce churn

Coordinate all sales activities to meet specified targets

Identify best new-lead opportunities

Optimize customers’ omnichannel experience

Offer the exact right cross-sells and up-sells

Increase Average Transaction Value

Machine Learning Technology at Your Fingertips

Identify high-interest prospects, pinpoint targets with purchasing power, shorten lead-qualification and sales cycles, automate assignment and follow-up, predict and halt churn, increase customer base, and boost profits.

Skyline constantly captures and analyzes real-time data to provide your sales team with actionable insights and recommendations for growth, all customized to your organization and industry.