TKW Market Insights Tool

โดย Tecknoworks Europe SRL

Marketing decision making using AI

TKW Market Insights Tool is an information search and processing platform that uses artificial intelligence to identify and categorize digital information. Based on various algorithms, this tool is able to extract valuable insights to allow companies take informed decisions and analyze different states of the current market.

This Knowledge Mining Tool offers you the edge of finding information about competitors, markets, people about anything and everything. Extracting actionable insights from that information, you make sure that your companies stays ahead of the competition in this Digital Transformation era.

The extracted actionable insights can be used by any department like Marketing, PR, Sales, HR, R&D and even the Board. Together, we can define keywords and sources, define personas or pin-point influencers and the knowledge mining process working.

If you need to launch a new product, or find information about a specific competitor or just need to better understand your own market this tool collects the required information in order to help you better understand what your next step should be.