Energy Efficiency and Eugenio

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Gain Insight and Control over Energy Usage

This solution helps operations, facility and asset managers of retail and hospitality companies (e.g. banks, stores, hotels and restaurants) with multiple locations gain visibility into energy and water usage and predict related costs. These businesses spend a lot on energy and water and often lack the visibility across multiple locations and changing energy prices to manage costs. This solution collects sensor and energy system (e.g. HVAC, lighting, and utilities) data and analyzes it for spikes in energy usage or other anomalies, such as lights being on at 10pm or an HVAC that is cooling when it should be heating. The system also includes a remote-controlled relay that turns HVAC and lighting systems on or off. All the edge telemetry is also uploaded to the cloud where machine learning analyzes it along with local energy costs to create forecasts of energy usage and spend. Managers then review these forecasts and use them, as well as email alerts, to optimize operations and processes, to reduce energy and water usage and costs, and to help them in energy contract negotiations.