SleekFlow Social Commerce

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SleekFlow is a social commerce platform help brands to sell, promote & support better in chats.

With the omnichannel social commerce platform, SleekFlow empowers the future of social and commerce. We transform the way of business by merging chat and sales and building an unstoppable ecosystem of chat commerce.

Serving over 5000+ multinational companies worldwide across industries, our platform enables a comprehensive customer journey across major social messaging services like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, SMS, live chat or whatever your clients prefer. We streamline the whole commerce process with social and sales all-in-one to breakthrough your sales growth limits.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, SleekFlow raised its 8M USD Series A funding round in 2022 led by Tiger Global Capital with participation from AEF Greater Bay Area Fund, which is managed by Gobi Partners GBA, and Transcend Capital Partners.