Princity - Efficient Printer Management

โดย Tummim sp. z o.o.

Princity save up to 40% of printing costs by effective printers and toners management

Princity is a complete solution for automating printer management. 

Main features: 
  • Printer discovery - the application automatically detects printers in the network.
  • Continuous monitoring - the system cyclically reads device data, notifying the operator of ending materials and failures and generating reports.
  • Supplies and orders management - Princity controls the states of all consumables, toners, drums and maintenance parts. The order module notifies the operator of the ending material, providing information about the printer and toner model, and its exact location
  • Settle costs and the number of printed pages - hanks to Princity, you can instantly check the cost of printing and the number of printed pages for each printer from any of your customers.
  • Printer Failure management - Princity notifies you of printers defects by providing precise information about the type of problem
How Princity reduces printing costs:
  • Maximizing supplies which can save up to 20% of a firm‘s purchase.
  • Princity allows you to select and purchase the optimum supplies, which reduces the cost of printing up to 30 %.
  • Princity reduces maintenance costs by more than half through diagnosis provides information about the causes of failure. 
  • Any special employee will not have to be delegated to support printing devices.
  • Princity indicate printers, which are most affected, and expensive
  • There are no storage costs and you can buy toner „In the reserve”.
Princity architecture
Princity Cloud - App server hosted by the Microsoft Azure service.
Princity Monitor - Thin client installed in the client's network. The client is installed on one of the network's computers. The app aims at searching for printing devices and cyclically verifying their condition.
www interface - a console for managing devices available via the search engine under the address
Important: Princity does not download from the devices any information concerning the printed documents. What is downloaded are only the total numbers from the counters, without information concerning the title and content of the document, or the person ordering the printing.
Princity achieved the ISO 27001 certificate in terms of safely processing information. Additionally, taking advantage of Princity is accordant with the latest GDPR.