VerseOne CMS + Integration Platform

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Award-winning multi-site CMS platform for empowering digital experiences that transform social housi

VerseOne CMS is the UK market-leading content management system for public sector organisations—featuring 40+ sector-specific features and functionality. VerseOne CMS is currently deployed by 120+ organisations, driving 300+ digital solutions, and delivering services and information to over 23m UK citizens. With over 75 man-years invested in its creation and on-going development, VerseOne CMS is a secure, modular, integrated and future-proofed digital integration and web publishing platform. With built-in multi-site capabilities, full versioning, fine-grained permissions, publishing workflows, media manager, forms builder, process automation, Accessibility Tools, a hugely flexible design system, and more, VerseOne CMS is the platform of choice for enterprise-level organisations. VerseOne CMS is designed to solve many of the problems of our new digital world: * customers and staff are driving for higher levels of service and engagement; * the rise in remote working can lead to atomised, un-integrated workforces; * need to maintain security, compliance and legal obligations with minimal effort. VerseOne CMS was designed to be future-proof from the ground up, ensuring that your content management platform can grow and adapt with your business. * a single CMS platform to manage multiple websites, intranets, and portals; * a flexible, scalable, designed for purpose content management platform that grows with your needs; * an integrated solution platform with intelligence and security at its heart. A privacy by design philosophy and tight integration with the VerseOne Autevo Intelligent Integration Engine means that VerseOne CMS is the perfect platform for building truly functional secure self-service portals, with all of the design and UX control that you would expect in a fully-fledged design-led web publishing platform. VerseOne Autevo and the VerseOne CMS platform integrate with the major API-capable core business systems, ensuring that organisations have freedom of choice in their core applications. The VerseOne CMS platform’s distributed architecture and tight integration with Microsoft Azure provides an incredibly secure, robust, and scalable platform that’s optimised for your organisation’s digital growth: * dynamic resource allocation for smooth operation at busy times; * incredibly fast, secure day-to-day operation; * seamless ADFS Single Sign-On (SSO) for intranet success; * tight integration between VerseOne CMS and Microsoft Office 365; * take advantage of Microsoft Azure’s services to drive chatbots and AI-driven process automation. VerseOne’s dedicated product development team continually update the VerseOne CMS platform and develop new functionality, further extending the capabilities of the products and ensuring that their content management and web-publishing functions remain up to date with new developments in web technology and in web programming philosophy.