DrAid™ AI Cognitive Service


Cognitive services (APIs) for AI Assistant in Diagnostic Radiology.

About DrAid ™ AI Cognitive Service

AI solution suites encompassing multiple modalities covering various anatomy (DrAid™ - Comprehensive Screening) and focus on cancer early detection and diagnosis (DrAid™ - Oncology Screening). No machine learning expertise is required.

Product Highlights

DrAid™ Chest XR: Comprehensive Chest Screening | Autonomous Screening Of 52 Abnormalities

  • Focuses on Chest X-ray for 52 abnormities with 91% accuracy
  • Classification of normal & abnormal cases
  • Triage & Prioritization
  • Workflow Management
  • AI and ChatGPT/GPT* copilot combine for end-to-end generative medical reports
  • Sensitivity – 97% | Specificity - 95%

DrAid™ Liver cancer CT: Oncology Screening | Segmentation & Classification of liver lesions using multiphase CT

  • Segmentation & classification of liver CT studies into normal & abnormal
  • 4 types of findings: Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC), Malignant lesions other than HCC, Benign lesions and Ambiguous lesions
  • Dice Score for liver segmentation: 96,55%
  • Dice Score for tumor segmentation: 74,47%
  • F1 Score for tumor classification: 90,12%

Why DrAid™ AI Cognitive Service?

This is the ideal solution for radiologists, diagnostic imaging machine manufacturers, software developers, system integrators, and AI researchers looking for new AI capabilities with a low cost of entry.

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DrAid™ is the first medical device for chest X-ray diagnosis powered by AI in Southeast Asia that got FDA Clearance.