VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure

โดย VMware Inc.

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Simplify Virtual Desktop and Application delivery on Azure

Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure from VMware simplifies the delivery of virtual desktops and applications on Microsoft Azure. The solution provides users the ability to connect their own instance of Microsoft Azure to the Horizon control plane, and allows users to deploy and manage virtual desktops and applications on-premises and in the cloud and work from anywhere.

VMware is an approved Windows Virtual Desktop provider, which means that customers can leverage the Windows Virtual Desktop benefits from their Microsoft 365 subscription or Enterprise Agreement in Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure. This includes Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session, which is exclusive to Windows Virtual Desktop.

VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure was built to deliver virtual desktops and applications as a cloud service in the fastest way possible with the least amount of management from the customer. The platform is available via the Horizon Universal License, which includes the ability to deploy VMware Horizon on any supported platform. Additionally, Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure leverages a common control plane that lets you manage all environments from a single pane of glass, with features such as:

  • Support for hybrid environments
  • Removes the need for third-party user environment and application management tools
  • Integrates with FSLogix and MSIX app attach
  • Cloud Monitoring Service provides monitoring, troubleshooting, and helpdesk capabilities across all Horizon environments
  • Integrated, easy to use power management ensures the resources you’re paying for closely match the resources you’re actually using
  • Full-featured client software on all major endpoint platforms
  • Advanced, adaptive remoting protocols that ensure the user has the best experience regardless of internet connection, device type, or location
  • Real time audio/video optimizations, including specific optimizations for Microsoft Teams
  • Support for workloads that require GPU