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Vuelio PR & Communications Software

Vuelio offers an unrivalled portfolio of products and services for more than 3,000 clients across the UK and Europe, specialising in software for public relations, public affairs and stakeholder communications. With its acquisition of ResponseSource, Vuelio also now includes the market-leading journalist enquiry service, which delivers targeted journalist requests directly to your inbox.

Whether you want to influence traditional or new media, MPs or local government, or your organisation’s members and supporters, Vuelio provides you with everything you need on one platform. We are trusted by organisations across private, public and charity sectors, and across a range of industries including health, transport, education and financial services.

Media Database

The industry’s most powerful media database, listing over 1 million records – contacts, influencers, Media outlets and forward features – from nearly 200 countries.

Influencer Search

Identify key social media influencers that are leading the conversation on topics and brands that matter to you. 

News Distribution

Create, schedule, and distribute releases to your target audience quickly and efficiently.

Media Monitoring

Track mentions, receive tailored email alerts for breaking news and search archives in our unrivalled platform.

Media Analysis

Demonstrate the impact and value of your public relations with automated charts and graphs, strategic analysis and insights, and comprehensive monitoring reports.

Stakeholder & Press Office Management

Log, search and share key interactions across your business, with powerful reporting tools that help you strengthen key relationships and improve engagement strategies.

Political Database

A comprehensive list of MPs, political staff and council leaders, including contact details, interests, and APPG and committee membership.

Political Monitoring

Real-time tracking of institutions, government releases, social media and your stakeholders.


Easily publish press releases, images, and collateral of all kinds to a fully optimised, fully customised, fully integrated newsroom.


Showcase news stories, social media activity, video and audio from across the web and offline in a visual presentation you can make in seconds.

Journalist Enquiry Service

Detailed requests from journalists delivered straight to your inbox. Get PR opportunities from all the top national, consumer and trade journalists, bloggers and broadcasters.