โดย VuNet Systems

Experience Future of Monitoring with Business Outcomes driven IT operations

VuNet’s full-stack AI/ML and Big Data based integrated enterprise-grade Business Journey Monitoring platform delivers unified visibility across business transactions, application, infrastructure for a superior end-user experience.

In a first of its kind, vuSmartMaps helps enterprises transition from traditional IT monitoring to a business outcome-based IT operation. Visualize your customer’s interactions through end-to-end  journey visibility and business observability to resolve issues in your application, infrastructure and customer experience like never before. Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives with vuSmartMaps visibility and analytics.

vuSmartMaps, a next-generation business journey monitoring platform combines big data, AI and ML functionality to enhance IT operations, including availability and performance monitoring, event correlation and analysis, and IT service management and automation. vuSmartMaps delivers a ‘Business Journey Map’ spanning across IT systems by aggregating information from logs, KPIs, metrics and diverse data sources. It provides insights in near real-time with ‘narrative storyboards and contextual alerts’ for business outcome driven IT Operations.

Through its patent pending pre-packaged ML models around 3T Correlation, Operational Performance Index and Automated Anomaly Detection, vuSmartMaps implements the ‘ML on the edge’ concept of taking the models closer to the data and drives intelligent correlations of events and alerts leading noise reduction through dynamic baselines, automated insights and proactive anomaly identification. Through integrations with remediation engines, the platform enables seamless automation of runbooks. 

Features and Benefits:

    • Transition from silo-ed operations to a agile Business outcome driven IT operations through unified business transaction view and end-to-end visibility
    • Stop being highly reactive and get smartly proactive with unified view across IT business transactions, actionable insights, reduced noise and faster anomaly detection
    • Enhance Customer Experience through patent pending multi-dimensional CXO KPIs like User Experience Index and Operational Performance index, which map real time User Experience into IT Operations metrics
    • Drive transparency and collaboration of silo-ed operations through a Single Pane of Intelligence
    • Self-remediation through integration with run book automation

Monitoring more than 3 billion+ transactions per month, VuSmartMaps is improving digital payment experience, driving more financial inclusion across the country for several Banks and Payment Gateways.