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Cloud-Hosted Police Evidence Management System

Cloud-Hosted Police Evidence Management System
Manage, store and share evidence securely in a cloud-hosted software-as-a-service system.

Upload Evidence from any Device, In Any Format Upload content from your integrated police video system or your local network and add it to a case. Attach videos captured on citizen smartphones, crime scene photos or hyperlinks referencing information.

Store Evidence Cost-Effectively and Efficiently
Start with a flexible pricing plan and then configure to manage event storage intelligently. The system matches event categories to evidence retention rules you set and can automatically take actions, like purging expired files.


Assign an expiration date for sharing an individual file or use a default by evidence category

Invitation made easy
Invite a single recipient, or group to a shared file by email address, role or function

Whitelist an entire email domain, allowing file sharing with anyone in the organization

Require user authentication via an access code or provide an account login for access to more sensitive files

Better than Unlimited Plan
All the benefits of unlimited storage – but even better.

Unlimited Storage
Store an unlimited amount of HD and SD video recordings using qualifying retention policies.

Unlimited Users
Everyone in the agency can access video evidence. No user fees for anyone, including casual users like command staff and supervisors.

Unlimited Sharing
Share video evidence with anyone who has an email address. No access or storage fees for district attorneys, court systems, media or other agencies.

Cash or Credit Rebate
Receive cash back or credit for using storage management best practices.