Dynamics 365 AI Insights: AI-powered CRM

โดย WaveAccess

AI powered solution to provide search results on customer-related keywords in CRM

We developed the Dynamics 365 AI Insights solution solution - an analytical tool integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM using Artificial Intelligence technology, which made life easier for our customer's employees.

The Dynamics 365 AI Insights solution allows CRM user to see top related news and articles right in the client's profile.

How the service works
  • The service uses keywords defined by a user in CRM. It searches the Internet for information using the built-in search engine Azure Bing Search. Keywords can be set for every client or for all clients in bulk
    Examples of keywords: <company name> + bankruptcy, merger, profit, hacking system, entered new market, the owner changed, financial report, <country name> etc.
  • Users that take risks of important and fast decisions
  • The built-in synchronization tool repeats the Internet search every minute / every night according to its predefined schedule
  • A service that uses the Azure Cognitive Skills AI toolkit parses articles and produces relevant keyword results, highlighting related places, people, organizations, and the result as key phrases that convey the essence of the articles
  • This information is displayed in the CRM interface on the account page as a grid with links to articles and search results.
The result

❖ Optimized processes

By embedding intelligence into business operations, you can achieve better service, greater efficiency, and lower costs for better business results:

❖ Build valuable relationships

A personalized data-based service to the customer builds loyalty and makes the relationship with each contact more valuable.

❖ Empower employees

Employees get exactly the tools they need to do their best work. The AI-empowered CRM system replaced manual labor with automatic processes.