Quiz marketing platform

โดย WaveAccess

myQuiz is a flexible platform to create and run quizzes for any number of players.

The players compete against each other by answering questions simultaneously in real-time on their own devices.

myQuiz is instrumental as a new means of communication with audiences using a gamification mechanism. When traditional media fails to perform, the key message can be delivered and absorbed in a form of a quiz.

Business value of myQuiz quiz platform:
  • Drawing attention to the company’s news and offers using an unusual and emotional delivery that gets through the ad clutter;
  • High level of engagement: players invite their friends and coworkers to compete, growing the exposure;
  • Viral effect and traffic growth: players post their results in social media, growing the social media outreach;
  • Fully transparent results: correct answers are shown, and the leaderboard can be seen throughout the entire game;
  • Advertorial content can be integrated in the quiz as a video, link, or a banner;
  • Player contact details can be collected and saved;
  • The quiz platform is available as a white label product and can be integrated into a website subdomain or a mobile app.