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Cloud application for smarter management of your car fleet.

This application is available in English and Czech.

Fleetman makes the fleet manager's life easier. 

Get rid of the Excel sheets. Never miss a due date of service check. Keep control over all the vehicles and their expenses.

Fleetman is a cloud app that makes fleet management easier, safer, and efficient. Replacing scattered records, receipts, and documentation with a single, well organized place where all the data, contacts, names, mileage numbers, documents, invoices, or contracts are easy to find. The system that reminds you about all the important actions that require your attention, allowing you to share the tasks with your team. The system that is easy to use and Microsoft-level secure.

Fleetman features:

·       Document management

·       Notifications in Teams or Outlook

·       Insurance agenda

·       Service agenda

·       Vehicle statistics

·       Interactive dashboards

·       Mobile application

·       Native Microsoft 365 integration

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