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Anywhere365 Web Agent is a full Dynamics 365 Cloud Contact Center platform and embedded client

Anywhere365 Web Agent for Dynamics 365
by Workstreampeople

Anywhere365 Web Agent turns Microsoft Dynamics 365 into a powerful tool for contact center agents. Nested inside the Dynamics 365 interface, the Web Agent provides users with cloud-based omni-channel contact center functionality without having to move between applications. Agents can receive and send calls, chats, emails and video all from within Dynamics 365. Customer information for inbound and outbound interactions are automatically displayed and directly linked to their CRM record.

The Anywhere365 Timeline shows the entire customer journey from initial contact to closing, including interactions transferred outside the contact center, and logs the information in Dynamics. Agents enjoy efficiency gains and provide greater customer service through an immediate and complete view of the caller’s information in a single pane of glass.

Anywhere365 Web Agent runs in the Azure cloud and utilizes the Dynamics 365 Channel Integration Framework (CIF) to integrate with the Microsoft Dynamics Unified Interface. This provides the Dynamics 365 client with the ability to integrate with rich Anywhere365 contact center and dialogue management capabilities for agents and supervisors. Anywhere365 Web Agent supports Dynamics 365 online and Skype for Business, Office365 Cloud PBX, Microsoft Teams, WebRTC and any PABX based on PSTN. Anywhere365 is a fully featured, truly native Skype for Business contact center solution that leverages your existing investment in Microsoft platforms and applications. In addition to the unified Dynamics 365 agent experience, Web Agent leverages the complete Anywhere365 contact center suite including:
• IVR and ICR (Integrated Chat Response) - Create menus and route calls/chats based on customer input in a flexible and easy to manage menu. Azure Cognitive Services provide real-time language detection for speech in 11 languages and chat translation in 60 different languages.
• Call and Chat Recording - Record inbound, outbound and internal calls and chats. Tag and track recordings in your reports and CRM systems.
• Smart Routing - Omnichannel dialogue routing allows routing calls based on numbers, skills, geography, IVR prompts, CRM data, etc. • Agent Management - Manage agents in real time over multiple contact center groups and skills. • Outbound Dialing options – from click-to-call to Power-Dialing
• Call Reporting and Wallboards – Historical reporting and real-time monitoring of contact center operations. Microsoft Power BI tools for actionable intelligence.
• Flexible and extensible, the Anywhere365 platform integrates with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Azure Cognitive Services and over 30 other CRM and ERP solutions.
• An industry proven solution that is already trusted by over 938 customers around the world.