SME Productivity and Collaborations Tools Platform

โดย Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

Cloud Market Place which allows SME subcribe to Productivity and Collaboration tools

SME businesses have abundant potentials. They require productivity tools to achieve these potentials.
Information Communication and Technology (ICT) tools to better communicate and collaborate with potential customers and business partners. They also need tools to store their records and keep inventory. These tools have to be cost effective and easily available

What is SMEProductivity

It is Wragby’s Cloud Market Place ( ) which provides a platform for Small business to subscribe to Productivity and collaboration Solutions, with Zero (0) Capital Investment. With SMEProductivity, businesses can subscribe to simple business automation solutions that aid their ease of doing business and thus drive profitability. All products are subscription based with flexible payment options. By Default Microsoft Office 365 Business Solutions are available for subscription, as well as other Microsoft Azure Products.

The Target Market for services on SMEProductivity are Small and Medium Business who require IT tools to increase productivity and colloboration thus allowing them operate in a Global environment.


Increase your Market Reach

Increase revenue with more customers

Zero CAPEX required to setup increases in profitability.

Branding options increase customer’s brand loyalty

Quick onboarding of services


Additional Benefits

IT Productivity Tools Create your Brand Reach More
• Microsoft O365 Business tools
• 1TB of OneDrive Storage
• Corporate Email Solution
• ERP for SMEs
• Mobile Security tools
• Configure subscribed product to your brand
• Every subscribed product can be in your required theme
• 24x7x365 Expert Professional Support from Wragby
• With our Cloud based Productivity tools, your business reaches more customer
• With our collaborations tools, your business is now Global
• Our embedded reports gives you information that allows quick proactive decision making