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Xmouse Customer Monetization App Platform for Content Rich Organisations

The Xmouse Platform

Xmouse is a technology platform that provides brand owners with their own apps to connect with and monetize their own customers, all under their direct control and ownership of their content and brand, and with a wide range of monetization options.

Xmouse is the much-needed alternative to current social and streaming platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Amazon and Netflix.

The Problem

Currently, businesses experience major problems with social media globally, due to the significant dissatisfaction and declining trust of the leading technology platforms. These social media giants own the customer data and the brands, and also control access to customers through multiple platforms as well as content monetization.

The Solution

Xmouse is the first and only platform to provide a true alternative to social platforms, allowing businesses direct access to their own customer data and capturing and controlling all customer and usage data centrally. Xmouse addresses the trust issues with existing social media options and removes a direct cost for these services.

Xmouse allows easy creation of Apps on all platforms by people with no technical skills. It provides a wide range of direct monetization options; delivers large-scale streaming (e.g.: Olympics); provides direct retail sales from videos; and a centralized cloud platform for all customer data.

It is suitable for a wide range of markets including sports, music, retail, real estate, education and media businesses. There is no other competitive product that provides the range of content types, the extensibility or the range of monetization options, as competitors target only video streaming.

Xmouse’s future development includes additional platforms, in-App social, augmented reality, a unique dual-screen experience and viewer-selectable camera angles. A major advantage of Xmouse is the ability to transition into an on-site experience, providing additional benefits for concerts, rallies, and other events, as well as retail.