AD Apps

โดย Avery Dennison Retail Information Services LLC

The AD Apps platform helps optimize operations for the food, grocery, and logistics operators.

The award-winning AD Apps platform is a cloud-based supply chain solution focused on traceability and food safety built on fully native iOS and Android apps.

A simple, intuitive user interface and strong focus on food safety allow our users to manage their restaurants more efficiently than ever. Our solution includes inventory management, RFID capabilities, temperature monitoring, label printing, food production forecasting, and more!

Our apps are developed by a veteran team of restaurant owner-operators with a deep understanding of daily restaurant operations.
• Live in over 35,000 locations
• Includes some of the largest QSR brands
• Users 25+ countries
• Compatible with 15+ languages

Using AD Inventory can help eliminate out-of-date inventories, poor stock management or rotation, inadequate forecasting of stock, and unsafe food. Some of the app’s time-saving features include:
• Fully paperless inventory experience
• Various modes (RFID, barcode, visual or list, and voice)
• One-tap suggestive ordering
• Direct integration to distributors
• Log waste and transfers
• Smart error-prevention tools
• Offline mode capability
• Real-time recall management
• Restaurant messaging platform

AD Ops effortlessly generates labels, reduces labor and training, and streamlines back-of-house tasks. The app works with Avery Dennison Freshmarx printers including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, single, and dual print head options. Some of the app’s user-friendly features include:
• Food production forecasting
• Digitized training materials and documents
• Labeling including Freshness, nutrition, grab-n-go, ingredient, delivery, and custom
• Timer alerts for short-shelf-life items
• Checklists with evidence collection
• Drag-and-drop custom label editor
• Media center for important docs
• Offline mode capability

AD Temp removes every manual step of temp capture and secures HACCP logs by eliminating opportunities for mistakes and fraudulent entries. The app works with both Avery Dennison thermometers (probe and infrared) as well as third-party Bluetooth probes. Some of the app’s food-safety features include:
• One-tap temp capture with Al
• Automatic food recognition with AI
• List view or sequential order
• Step-by-step workflows for corrective actions
• Reminders for temps and actions
• Digitized HACCP logs
• Support for other HACCP activity
• Offline mode capability

AD Sense provides fixed sensor monitoring for refrigerators, freezers, walk-ins, and dry storage areas. The app’s monitoring features include:
• Temperature and humidity
• Configurable alerts and escalations
• Dashboards and reporting
• Long sensor battery life (user-replaceable)
• LoRaWan™ long-range technology
• WiFi, ethernet, or LTE gateways
• Offline mode capability