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Subscription Management B2B

Manage and monetize your subscription business with Younium Subscription Management for B2B

Manage and monetize your subscription business with Younium Subscription Management for B2BYounium is an all-in-one platform for subscription management, subscription billing, and subscription products and pricing. Learn how to effectively and easily manage your subscriptions saving you time, increasing your recurring revenue, and reducing your customer churn.

Benefits of Great Subscription management

Control and Compliance - Subscriptions are likely one of your company's greatest assets. With one source containing all the subscription master data the foundation is ready for forecasting, reducing errors, improving monetization, and managing internal and external audits.

Scalable Processes - As a subscription business grows and renewals, upsells and cancellations come into play, stress is put on processes, especially in the back office organisation. Automating subscription management is a basic component of maintaining business agility, supporting growth and providing great customer experiences.

Accurate Metrics - Subscription metrics and insights from customer, financial and usage data are the keys to beating out competition. Having accurate metrics that are continuously up to date and available for each part of the organization ensures alignment and mutual commitment to targets.


All the subscription masterdata in one place ensures control and ability to remove manual work.

  • Mix one-time, recurring and usage fees
  • Milestone capabilities
  • Change tracking
  • Multi company and multi currency


With accurate subscription data recurring billing is done at the push of a button.

  • Automate recurring billing
  • Usage rating
  • Tax compliance
  • Mix billing periods
  • Pro-rated billing
  • Credit notes


Segmented invoice, payment and revenue recognition journals for General ledger reconciliation.

  • Rich transaction details
  • Rule based revenue recognition
  • Accounting period handling
  • Segmented journals
  • Period validation


Accurate and timely reporting on subscription metrics available on demand.

  • Recurring revenue, MRR/ARR
  • Booking Metrics, ACV, CMRR
  • Churn, Renewal, Retention rates
  • Custom dashboards
  • CSV/Excel export