Ubicua Xperience – Factory connected


Monitor your factory assets in real time thanks to Azure + IoT

UBICUA XPERIENCE is an IOT and DATA Analytics Platform that integrates different data sources, monitors, analyzes and delivers them in powerful dashboards for decision-making. Likewise, it is possible to generate rules that launch or automate actions based on different parameters. 

Multilanguage platform developed on Azure technology to facilitate access and security of your data.

UBICUA XPERIENCE in a Cloud platform supported on Azure and developed by Zertia that allows monitoring assets and business processes of companies, managing resources and predicting events in real time.

Do you have the information on how long your operators take in manual processes?

Do you have the ability to react to an error in seconds?

Do you know if the estimated times of the processes are correct?

Real-time monitoring:

  • Analysis of the points with the most incidents.
  • Identification of machines with problems.
  • Improved response times.
  • Optimize the work of the operators.
  • Real-time alerts and task management.


  • Increase in production
  • OEE improvement
  • Reduction of machine failures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Reduction of downtime for repair
  • Extend the life of machines
  • Reduction of bad parts or to be reprocessed
  • Improved operator safety

This application is available in Spanish.