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Simple customer pipeline management solution

Bigin is a customer pipeline management software from the Zoho CRM family and it is a great first step for anyone who wants a simple, powerful tool that will help them get organized with their pipelines. Zoho is home to over 40 cloud based business applications and 50 million users worldwide.

Engage Prospects

Connect with your business prospects through email, calls, and Twitter. With every piece of information on hand and arranged neatly in your pipeline tool, you'll never have to worry when you're getting on a quick call or a meeting with a prospect.

Built-in Telephony

With an integrated, no-hardware telephone system, you can make and receive calls, purchase phone numbers for your team, and drastically improve the way you reach out to your prospects and customers.

Manage Pipelines

Quickly move deals through your pipeline using proactive alerts and automation, and drastically reduce the time you spend on each deal. With the option to configure sales stages tailored to your business process, Bigin helps you perfect your sales cycle like never before.

Automate Routine Stuff

With easy-to-create workflows, automate routine tasks and maximize your selling time. Create workflows that help you with creating automatic tasks, recording updates, setting up email alerts, and more.

Track Key Metrics

Track and measure all your essential customer metrics in one place. Analyze sales performance and gain more clarity into your business with Bigin's built-in dashboards.

Bigin + Office 365

We've built Bigin to perfectly work in sync with your Office 365 account, so that you can avoid the manual work of adding entries like contacts and calendar events in Bigin and Office 365 separately. Also, with Single sign-on, you can launch Bigin in a single click, right from inside your Office 365 account.


Bigin's pricing starts at $7/user/month and the marketplace integration comes free of charge to all paid users of Bigin.