Grants Management PowerApps: 10-Wk Implementation

Catapult Systems, LLC

Streamline and enhance the grantmaking process from creation to completion with a focus on fulfilling the organization’s mission and reducing complexity of process management.

Designed to serve the needs of public sector organizations, Catapult’s Grants Management solution blends the best of custom applications with off-the-shelf ready components. We marry the best practice business processes found in an online solution with an expert-led exploration of your grantmaking program’s unique needs to create a solution that is custom configured for you, and that is ready to deploy quickly.

With our custom-configured Grants Management solution, you can greatly reduce the administrative burden associated with creating, reviewing, verifying, scoring and awarding grants to individuals, businesses or governments. During the lifetime of the grant, this solution continues the post-award administration including contracting, funding and reimbursement, as well as reporting and ongoing progress monitoring.

Catapult's Grants Management Solution Grantmaking Cycle

  • Grant Creation
  • Application Process
  • Evaluation and Award
  • Administration
  • Close

Built on the Power Platform

The solution layers best practice business processes in grants management onto Microsoft’s Power Platform to provide next-generation productivity improvements. The platform easily integrates with Microsoft solutions such as Office 365. Editing templates in Excel and Word, managing documents across Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive, and creating emails and tasks in Exchange, within the grants management solution, simplifies your team’s collaboration. The highly scalable architecture provides unlimited opportunities for future development and enhancement beyond the core grants management functionality.

Contact us to learn more about Catapult's 10-week Grants Management for PowerApps implementation.

*Pricing is estimated. We utilize a pre-built solution accelerator and configure to your requirements to deliver a customized solution. The final price of the solution will vary based on the complexity of the requirements, reports required, integrations, and other factors.

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