Agile Supply Chain in Food Manufacturing: 1-Day Workshop

Columbus Global

Learn how to build an agile and resilient supply chain in food manufacturing considering industry best practices and your business requirements

The offer

Columbus “Agile Supply Chain in Food Manufacturing” Offer is a one-day workshop that will help your team to learn:

  • How to identify current capabilities and opportunities to improve supply chain performance​
  • Which Microsoft technologies (including Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management) should be considered for supply chain management
  • How to get started in delivering solutions to improve agility and resilience in supply chains​
  • Facts in short

    The workshop can be delivered globally both virtually & onsite, it lasts for 1 day and requires the involvement of representatives from IT, planning, procurement, production departments and director of operations. Note that participants don't need to have IT knowledge to be a part of the workshop. On the contrary, understanding of your current processes, operational activities​ and future requirements matters the most.

    Workshop in details

    Stage 1.Understanding your needs: 30 min call prior to the workshop to customize it for your business specifics;

    Stage 2.Introduction to modern supply chain​: the business need to improve agility and resilience in supply chains;

    Stage 3.Demonstration: possibilities of Dynamics 365 and associated tools to create modern supply chains;

    Stage 4.Discussion: your current supply chain issues and opportunities for improvement, future roadmap based on your requirements​, Q&A and next steps​.

    Business use cases for the workshop

  • Improving demand forecasting​
  • Modelling the supply chain
  • Reacting to changes in demand and supply
  • Identifying risks in the supply chain​
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