Microsoft 365 Copilot Awareness and Readiness Services


Explore the power of generative AI, natural language processing and large language models in our Advisory Workshop.

DXC’s Advisory Workshop provides a tailored strategic plan that empowers our customers to uncover insights, ideate new possibilities, and plan their Microsoft 365 roadmap – driving productivity, streamlining process, fostering innovation and a personalized experience.

DXC Microsoft 365 Copilot Explore and Understand Sessions - Free Session

  • Gain insights into Microsoft 365 Copilot, unlocking the potential of generative AI in the Modern Workplace  ​
  • Dive deep into Microsoft 365, discover why it’s unique, and learn from DXC's Microsoft 365 Copilot experience​

DXC Microsoft 365 Copilot Advisory Session


    • Assess your organization's readiness for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption with our readiness assessment​
    • Receive insights into your readiness score and recommendations for addressing technical gaps​
    • Gain knowledge about Microsoft 365 Copilot's technical requirements and find additional guidance sources​
    • Understand the path to becoming Microsoft 365 Copilot ready and identify next steps to fill gaps​

    • The Ideation and Art of the Possible Workshops to assess the best opportunities for Microsoft 365 Copilot adoption
    • Uncover Responsible AI and Microsoft 365 Copilot transformative impact​
    • Experience the seamless integration of your enterprise data, fostering creativity, productivity, and skill enhancement​
    • Dive into Microsoft 365 Copilot personas and witness the collaborative innovation it empowers​

    • Deep dive into the discovery of use cases, BDM pain points, and scenarios​
    • Receive a customized plan for a Microsoft 365 Copilot implementation​
    • Identify the required next steps such as setting up trial licenses and acquiring necessary production licenses

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