Microsoft Sales Copilot: 1-Day Workshop

enVista Enterprise Solutions, LLC (EES) - MBS

Specialized Copilot Readiness workshop to prepare your organization for AI in Dynamics 365

The Copilot Readiness 1-Day Workshop offered by enVista is a specialized training program designed to prepare organizations and their teams for the adoption of Microsoft's suite of Copilot functionality within Dynamics 365, such as and including Sales Copilot. This intensive workshop aims to ensure a smooth and successful transition by equipping participants with the necessary knowledge and confidence to maximize the benefits of Copilot from day one. It focuses on technical readiness, data security, change management, practical learning, and the creation of a deployment roadmap to ensure a successful transition to Copilot.

Key Highlights of the Workshop:

  1. Environment Readiness: The workshop begins by helping participants understand their current IT environment and align it with best practices to achieve optimal results when implementing Copilot.

  2. Security Review: Ensuring data security is crucial, and this workshop includes a review of accessibility settings to keep sensitive information secure within the Copilot framework.

  3. Change Management: Copilot can bring significant changes to how teams work. The workshop equips attendees with effective strategies to help their teams embrace and adapt to these changes smoothly.

  4. Hands-On Learning: Participants engage in practical, hands-on exercises within the Dynamics 365 environment. This hands-on experience reinforces the theoretical concepts learned during the training.

  5. Deployment Roadmap: By the end of the workshop, attendees will have developed a clear roadmap for the implementation of Copilot within their organization. This roadmap helps guide the organization's Copilot deployment process.

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