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RapidStart for Law Firms


The Original RapidStart for Law Firms - the lowest cost and fastest path to Dynamics 365 Sales success.

RapidStart was the first "Packaged Deployment" model created for Dynamics 365. Introduced in 2015, it remains the leading Packaged Deployment solution with over 250 customers. No other offering comes close!

While RapidStart is available through our 300 global resellers, it is now available directly from the RapidStart Team, exclusively through AppSource.

Why RapidStart for Law Firms?

In 2014, we were approached by Microsoft to learn how we were having success with SMB customers, including Law Firms, where other partners were not. Microsoft then supported our RapidStart approach to solve two key issues with Dynamics 365 for SMB customers:

  • The initial deployment costs proposed by traditional partners was simply too high, keeping many Law Firms from moving forward.
  • Law Firms who decided to move forward without a partner, struggled to successfully launch Dynamics 365, and many cancelled their subscriptions.

The RapidStart secret to success is to start with basic capabilities, add baked-in new user training, and provide self-service Wizards to dramatically reduce initial deployment costs.


What does RapidStart do for your Law Firm?

The RapidStart Sales App installed on your Dynamics 365 instance, is a Law Firm focused alternative to the Enterprise Sales app, that provides:

  • Law Firm Focused Dashboards, the real sales information you need.
  • Simplified Navigation, focused on what Law Firms need to get started.
  • Law Firm Designed Forms, based on feedback from hundreds of customers.
  • Law Firm Designed Sales Processes, tapping the power of a "real" sales application.
  • One-Click, short video training for new users, to help them get started quickly.
  • RapidStart also includes our unique Wizard Portal of self-service Wizards. Using our Wizards, any Law Firm can easily customize the RapidStart Sales App to meet their initial needs.

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