Power BI Starter Package: Immediate success with Power BI (Concepts, Blueprints)

IT-Logix AG

With the IT-Logix Power BI Starter Package you are ideally equipped to develop and manage your Power BI landscape efficiently and securely. Lay the foundation for a datadriven decision-making culture!

"The lack of a clear authorization concept and development guidelines in Power BI can lead to a variety of challenges that affect the efficiency, security and consistency of reporting.

The IT-Logix Power BI Starter Package delivers a number of key benefits:

  • Secure introduction of Power BI: Accelerate the secure implementation of Power BI in an enterprise environment with our development guidelines and the authorization concept for Power BI and Azure Synapse.
  • Optimal use of Power BI: With the right permissions and clear naming conventions, you can ensure that all users and developers can work efficiently and make optimal use of Power BI.
  • Increased security: Minimize the risk of data leaks and unauthorized access by implementing a robust authorization concept.

You will receive the following documents from us:

  • Generic role concept and definitions of terms: The generic role concept contains definitions and names of various user roles, independent of technology, and which tasks these roles should be able to perform. It also describes basic terminology that applies across all authorization concepts.
  • Authorization concept for Power BI (Cloud): The authorization concept for Power BI contains a comprehensive introduction to the numerous authorization elements (e.g. workspaces, datasets, reports, etc.) in the Power BI Service (Cloud). The authorization concept also contains suggestions for various (functional) roles and how their authorizations could be structured in relation to the various authorization elements.
  • Development guidelines for Power BI: Our development guidelines for Power BI contain naming conventions for workspaces, tables, columns and measures. It also summarizes best practices and implementation guidelines for PowerQuery, datasets and measures.
  • Recommendations for the Power BI Tenant configuration: The recommendations for the Power BI Tenant configuration provide you with an overview of the possible Tenant configuration features as well as our recommendations for the standard setting for each configuration feature.

With 20+ years of experience in the field of Data Warehousing and Analytics and exciting customer references across numerous industries, IT-Logix would be delighted to become your trusted data advisor to deliver excellent results and short time-to-value also to your business.

We would love to: Let your data speak!"

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