Microsoft 365 E5 CMMC L1 3 Week Implementation


KAMIND's implementation for CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) level 1 using Microsoft 365 security Suite and Azure Sentinel SIEM.

KAMIND IT is a CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) RPO (Registered Provider Organization). CMMC is a certification requirement for all DOD (Department of Defense) contractors and subcontractors and will soon be a requirement for any organization that does business with the federal government (DoD or Commercial). You can no longer attest to the standard, you need to implement, usually through an RPO like KAMIND IT, and seek accreditation through a certified Assessor and 3CPAO (3rd party Certified Assessor). This Offer is for CMMC Level 1 assessment.

The question is how do you deploy Microsoft 365 E5 to meet the requirements of the CMMC Maturity level? There are five primary steps to follow for to pass accreditation:

  1. Based on you contract, determine your required Maturity Level for CMMC Accreditation.
  2. Contract with KAMIND (a RPO) for implementation (or DYI)
  3. Implement the processes and practices for the Maturity Level
  4. Collect the object evidence demonstrating at least 1-year Maturity deployment.
  5. Seek accreditation through a 3CPAO

This is complicated because a CMMC CA (Certified Assessor) and the organization they represent cannot implement and formally assess the same OSC (Organization Seeking Accreditation).

KAMIND IT (a RPO) offers an OSC a process that builds out the Microsoft 365 E5 subscription with a focus on putting the necessary process and practices in place for CMMC Accreditation. The CMMC CA has final say in all assessments, but with the KAMIND CMMC deployment methodologies, we both work together to deploy the necessary cyber security maturity processes so you will be successful when you have a formal assessment for CMMC accreditation. Various organizations’ CMMC implementation period may be different depending on the organizations’ maturity, but typically implementation programs are 3-weeks (see attached material for 3 week implementation plan).

Contact KAMIND IT today to begin.

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