Power Platform Center of Excellence: Free 1-Hour Briefing

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Enhance your Power Platform expertise with a Center of Excellence

Power Platform enables organizations to take ownership of their digital transformation. With intuitive, low-code tools to build apps, automate processes, implement chatbots, and visualize data, any team member can easily become a developer. However, simply having the tools at your disposal isn’t enough. Without a Center of Excellence, teams work in siloes and face problems such as:

  • No standardized best practices, processes, or approaches
  • No guidance on roadblocks
  • No brainstorming of solutions

To enable all team members to effectively adopt and innovate with the Power Platform, you need a unified source of expertise.

During this one-hour consultation, you will learn how your organization can benefit from setting up a Power Platform center of excellence. First, we will explain how you can better align team processes by providing guidance, training, and expertise on key Power Platform capabilities. Then, we will discuss your existing pain points around and explore how you can resolve them with a center of excellence. Finally, we will ensure that you have a clear idea of what steps you need to take next to begin setting up your CoE. By the end of the briefing, you will have an in-depth understanding of how an in-org CoE will enable you to consolidate best practices, share custom solutions, and resolve issues faster.

Target Audiences

  • IT admins
  • Power Platform sponsors
  • App developers


  • Evaluate your current Power Platform capabilities and pain points
  • Explore organization-wide goals and expectations for the Power Platform
  • Review the benefits of setting up a Power Platform CoE
  • Explore quick-win opportunities that you can start implementing today
  • Discuss next steps towards developing a CoE


  • Benefits of setting up Power Platform center of excellence
  • Clear understanding of next steps towards setting up a Power Platform center of excellence at your organization

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