Cognizant Virtual Healthcare Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring: 1 day workshop


Virtual healthcare solution for delivery of secure, remote patient monitoring and personalized care.

The healthcare landscape is constantly evolving. Today patients have become accustomed to and now expect healthcare providers to offer a wide range of virtual services that comprehensively meets their health needs. Payers and providers that have adapted to this new-normal have discovered through integration of virtual health and traditional care they are able to achieve better care outcomes while optimizing delivery costs.
Cognizant's Virtual Healthcare solution for remote patient monitoring brings together Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Power Platform and Azure to help healthcare organizations seamlessly deliver remote patient monitoring, and targeted personalized patient care management services to deliver the best health outcomes possible.
The solution integrates data across disparate health information systems, helping care providers cross-reference historical patient health data, identify early warning signs of chronic conditions, and engage with patients virtually via Microsoft Teams powered tele-health visits.

The ability to offer personalized care management regardless of patient location, combined with access to advanced technology that supports early identification of potential health complications, enables healthcare providers to deliver time-sensitive interventions and improve the overall patient healthcare experience while delivering better health outcomes.


  • Patient Application - Patients are provided with an application that integrates with connected devices to monitor vitals and health telematics. This app helps with managing appointments and medication, shares educational content, and enables the delivery of a personalized care program appropriate to individual disease conditions
  • Configurable Clinician Dashboard - Clinicians are provided with functionality to remotely monitor a patient's connected devices, and quickly view patient details and flow charts for near real-time assessment and triage. Clinicians can identify early warning signs and track patient treatment adherence patterns with analytics; and using Microsoft Teams powered tele-health integrations can expediently and efficiently perform essential consultations remotely
  • Medical Grade Cloud Platform and Devices - The solution is hosted on a secure cloud platform with FHIR API based integration and data aggregation functionality to connect with critical health systems and connected patient devices, which can be procured on a CapEx or OpEx basis

Cognizant's Virtual Health Solution for Remote Patient Monitoring is delivered and customized through a services engagement that leverages reusable microservices, providing a comprehensive healthcare management solution that is built for today's needs, while remaining extensible as a platform to accommodate future evolving requirements - without any complicated licensing challenges.

We begin with a discovery workshop that will walkthrough what is made possible by implementing Cognizant's Virtual Healthcare Solution with the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. This facilitated workshop will help you; identify the most impactful opportunities to address, design the bespoke future state blueprint, and define your technology implementation roadmap based on Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Power Platform and Azure. The discovery workshop agenda can be tailored to focus on any of the following areas:
  • Nurse Patient Management (NPM)
  • Virtual Consults and Collaboration (VCC)
  • Personal Patient Care (PPC)
  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)
  • Healthcare Operations and Decision Making
  • Patient Satisfaction through Data Science

The estimated offer price and duration relates to the discovery workshop. For the subsequent solution implementation, price and duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the discovery workshop.

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