ODT Rentals Discovery Session: 2-Hour Assessment

Open Door Technology

A personalized assessment of your rental business, goals, and market trends to deliver a customized evaluation on the scale of value rental management ERP could bring to your organization.

Do you have a business case for a technology change?

This no-charge business assessment discovery session is not about pushing what software system to buy, it’s addressing if and why you should make a change.

During your discovery session a professional CPA, not a salesperson, will discuss your current processes, pains, resources, the requirements of your organization, and market growth trends in your region.

We will facilitate an open discussion around rental ERP on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and deliver you a personalized plan and summary to help you determine the scale of value an all-in-one, centralized rental management ERP could bring to your bottom line and if it makes sense to look further.

Your discovery session includes:

  • Two-hour, on-on-one call with a professional CPA with 20+ years of rental business management systems experience and 30+ years of mid-market ERP experience with over 200 implementations.
  • Interactive discussion and structured summary of the compelling rental business management drivers for your company.
  • Economic statistics, common challenges, and growth trends in your rental industry and region over the next few years for your region.
  • Project recommendations and guidance, including direction with project management, requirements gathering, and change management.
  • Considerations in selecting a product for your specific business needs and objectives.
  • Considerations in selecting an implementation partner for your specific business needs.
  • Approximate project estimate range.
  • Next step recommendations.

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