Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps: 1-hour briefing


Free one-hour briefing highlighting the core capabilities and benefits provided by Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Software as a service (SaaS) apps are ubiquitous across hybrid work environments, and protecting SaaS apps and the important data they store is a big challenge for organizations. The rise in app usage, combined with employees accessing company resources outside of the corporate perimeter has also introduced new attack vectors. To combat these attacks effectively, security teams need an approach that protects their data within cloud apps beyond the traditional scope of cloud access security brokers (CASBs). Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps delivers full protection for SaaS applications, helping you monitor and protect your cloud app data across the following feature areas:

  1. Fundamental cloud access security broker (CASB) functionality, such as Shadow IT discovery, visibility into cloud app usage, protection against app-based threats from anywhere in the cloud, and information protection and compliance assessments.
  2. SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) features, enabling security teams to improve the organization’s security posture
  3. Advanced threat protection, as part of Microsoft's extended detection and response (XDR) solution, enabling powerful correlation of signal and visibility across the full kill chain of advanced attacks
  4. App-to-app protection, extending the core threat scenarios to OAuth-enabled apps that have permissions and privileges to critical data and resources.

Request a free one hour briefing with us where we aim to give you an idea of the capabilities of Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, and how this can help your business mitigate risks, translating to tangible business benefits.

Agenda: • Brief overview of capabilities • Value proposition - what do you get for your investment? • Typical adoption journey • Where to go from here?

At Net Reply, we understand that any technology project's success is measured by its adoption, not just its implementation. This means that end user experience is front and centre in everything we do, ensuring a balance between agility and security regardless of the technologies, processes and people we're working with.

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