Establish Power Platform Fusion Development Teams: 1hr Briefing

Reply Ltd

Learn How to augment your development skillset with a fusion of inhouse and our developers in this 1hr Briefing

Microsoft Power Platform Fusion Development is fast gaining traction in modern organisations that have need extra specialisation in the Power Platform developers skillset. The principle is to leverage your in-house developers who have intimate knowledge of your business, supplementing that with our specialised developers to help deliver your solution more quickly and more cost effectively. Our fusion development approach can be tailored to various scenarios depending on your organisational needs and budget.

This consultative session will explore your current state and provide you with options regarding Fusion Development for the Microsoft Power Platform. We will help to identify your development needs based off your goals, enabling informed forward planning. Our session will help you target the specific areas of Power Platform development where your solutions require support. We can provide a wide range of development topics, from custom applications to automation, RPA & bots.

WM Reply provides world-class consultancy services to enterprise sized organisations around the world. Our award-winning teams have the skills & experience support your development and truly embed change. Start your journey with WM Reply.

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