Power Platform Adoption and Change Management: 1hr Briefing

Reply Ltd

Drive ROI of your Power Platform by introducing campaigns focused to educate, innovate and excite your employees. Find out how in our 1 hour briefing.

Microsoft Power Platform Adoption & Change Management is about driving compliant and self-perpetuating uptake of Power Platform across your organisation. Having invested in securing your environments and setting up the guardrails required for the platform to safely grow, it is time to reap the ROI by encouraging user adoption. Effective Adoption & Change Management (ACM) increases success rates while scaling platform uptake safely. Our Prosci-certified ACM teams have the experience to help you achieve this as you embed Power Platform.

WM Reply offers tailor-made Adoption and Change Management support for exactly this purpose. This includes resources such as email banners, video creation and posters, and activities such as campaigns and workshops. This session will explore your current organisational state and discuss the most effective approach to an Adoption and Change Management strategy.

WM Reply provides world-class consultancy services to enterprise sized organisations around the world. Our award-winning teams have the skills & experience support your development and truly embed change. Start your journey with WM Reply.

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