Dynamics 365 CE Customer Service: 1-Hr Briefing

Slalom Consulting

Partner with our experienced team to explore how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can revolutionize your customer service operations and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Slalom is a modern consulting firm that specializes in technology, strategy, and business transformation and can help you leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Service to streamline your workflows, boost agent productivity, and exceed customer expectations.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service provides a comprehensive platform to manage all your customer interactions across various channels, including email, chat, phone, social media, and more. With its AI-powered automation tools, Dynamics 365 Customer Service helps you prioritize and route cases, empower customers with self-service options, and boost agent productivity. By automating routine tasks and enabling self-service options, your agents can focus on more complex cases and provide personalized support to your customers.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service can have a significant impact on your business by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction. By automating routine tasks and providing self-service options, you can reduce the workload on your agents and handle more cases with fewer resources. With actionable insights and analytics, you can gain a better understanding of your customers and improve their experience with your brand.


This briefing is designed to:
* Review your current customer service operations to identify pain points and challenges
* Understand your business objectives and goals
* Discuss how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you achieve your goals
* Provide a roadmap for a successful implementation

* Identify opportunities to streamline your customer service operations
* Discuss strategies to improve your customer experience and satisfaction
* Understand how Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you achieve your business objectives
* Provide recommendations for a successful implementation of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Whether you are looking to automate routine tasks, provide self-service options, or gain actionable insights into your team's performance, Dynamics 365 Customer Service can help you deliver exceptional customer experiences and achieve your business goals.

Contact us today to schedule your 1-hour briefing and unlock the full potential of Dynamics 365 Customer Service for your organization.

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