Casino Awareness 1-wk Proof of Concept

Steepmeadow Solutions LLC

Envisioning Proof of Concept featuring quick wins for Casino Operations

This 4hr workshop is for casino operations business leaders and can be held on-site at the client's facility or remotely via Microsoft Teams


Casino Awareness Business Scenario Demos

  • Live demo of Casino Operations scenarios powered by Office 365 Ready to Use Apps and Power Automate -- Session includes discovery of customer potential quick wins.

Solution Overview

*Introduction to contextually-aware power automate solutions using Microsoft Teams along with Power Automate as well as Planner, ToDo, Lists, and Approvals.

Business Value

The goal of the workshop is to identify quick wins for your casino or hospitality company. Powerful alone. Better together The Microsoft Power Platform is more than the sum of its parts. Connect them together to transform your casino.

Let us help you identify quick wins based on Microsoft technology that you already own -- everyone wins!

  • Review business model enabled by Casino Awareness


By the end of the workshop, the client will be able to define a high-level plan and an implementation roadmap for Casino Awareness solutions powered by Teams and Azure Maps & Azure Digital Twins along with Power Automate and Microsoft Teams

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